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Zebra Patients' Association

The Zebra Patients' Association is an independent and non-profit association for research and assistance in the management of fibromyalgia or other diseases. syndromes causing chronic pain and associated problems. The association consists of patients and their family members, as well as the interested professional public.

The association was formed on the initiative of many patients with several different pain diseases, who we spent several years in various forums.

The association was established with the aim of connecting patients and exchanging information, supporting patients and cooperating with experts.

Together they have already organized and in 2019 written initiatives for better treatment conditions at URI Soča, and a petition to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the issue of treatment of fibromyalgia and SKU.

The main activity of the association is to connect members, obtain information that is important for treatment, prevention of exacerbation of our diseases and to improve the quality of life, or pursuing other common interests of patients. The association carries out voluntary work and acts as part of civil society in the public interest.

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