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Verein ME/CFS Schweiz

The primary objective of the association is to raise awareness of ME/CFS with patients, their families and the public and physicians.
The group regularly hosts group meetings in several Swiss cities.

The association was officially founded in 1993 in the canton of Zurich as a non-profit institution.

They started as a small group of volunteers, who at that time had little understanding and little information about the disease. So the main aim of the association at that time was to find other affected and like-minded people in order to exchange experiences and knowledge.
Through mutual support, they hoped for a better quality of life and a happier future.

Within the sometimes very hard years, they increasingly recognized the need for further development - the subject of "ME / CFS" remained largely unknown in Switzerland to this day. So there are huge, interdisciplinary gaps, which must be consistently and systematically bridged. In order to close these gaps, hey strive, in a broader sense, for a functioning advisory and relief network for all those involved.

They want the disease ME / CFS to be recognized in this country, and that those affected receive easier access to meaningful diagnostics, effective therapy and other necessary services.

As our first and most important project for the coming time, we consider the public dissemination of well-founded and useful information on ME / CFS as well as the increasing networking of those involved and those interested (victims, dependents, service providers).

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