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The Danish ME FORENINGEN is the national association for Danish ME-patients.

The association is party-political independent since 1992 and has worked to secure and promote information on ME as a bio-medical and neuroimmune illness based on scientific documentation to ME-patients and health care workers.

The association provides documentation and scientifically based research, on the causes, investigation and treatment of ME on their website and in various information material and seminars.

The association supports a biomedical approach to ME, among other things based on the fact that ME was already defined in 1969 as a neurological disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO), with diagnosis code G93.3.

The Association works to ensure that everyone who is to be investigated for ME does so based on diagnosis criteria where PEM is an obligatory criteria (Canadian Criteria from 2003/2011)

ME FORENINGEN works to increase the biomedical knowledge about ME in the Danish health system, so ME patients can be diagnosed and treated correctly

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